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Promote Health & Longevity

Tai-Chi Chuan (grand ultimate exercise), is an ancient Chinese Art of Life. It is believed to have a history of well over fifteen centuries. It is the most widely practiced form of exercise in China and the world. This ancient art form is undoubtedly modern man’s answer in his search for a system that promotes excellent health, longevity, rejuvenation, healing and hygiene. Although applicable to self-defense, its primary aim is man’s well-being. 

Tai Chi Ch’uan combines proper breathing techniques with slow, circular, dance-like movements used to exercise the total body and to cultivate (Chi) intrinsic energy... 

The graceful, gentle movements of the form are the obvious physical aspects of Tai-Chi Chuan. Each individual movement is designed to relax the body and to allow vital energy to flow freely. 

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