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Remaining in The Light - The Consciousness of Transcending Suffering and Racism

Dr. K.A. Shakoor filters through more than 50 years of personal work and study with many spiritual masters and gives us the gems at the top of the sieve. He is generous, concise and potent with his knowledge. Ghetto Sutras is the vital perspective needed in today's tumultuous times that interweaves the perspectives of taking responsibility for clearing and healing our heart and mind while also acknowledging the complex external systemic forces that hold humanity back from living our true potential.

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To present practices where one can control the mind, the breath, and be able to re-channel the primal energy (sexual energy). These serve as the foundation for attaining enlightenment. Many spiritual and personal improvement books leave the reader unsure as to what to actually do to begin their journey. Ghetto Sutras includes actual physical exercises to aid the reader in their spiritual and consciousness expansion. For this reason, the book is offered in color and in two different sizes: one standard and the other a portable pocket size.

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Ghetto Sutras shares the concepts of Universal Buddhism with people who are new to it or have had limited exposure.

In the Western world, supporters of Buddhism have been largely middle and upper class and the material has been presented in such a highly academic format that it often alienates the masses. Our world is in dire need of a system that can truly address the sufferings of our time. This book is an attempt to do just that in a society that is largely influenced by Christian, Jewish, Vedic and Islamic systems.

In other words, this book is Dr. Shakoor's truth and written from his experience. His hope is that the reader will discover his own inner light, path, and truth. The contribution that Shakoor offers the reader is essential during a time period when humans are grappling with the fundamental issues of racism, classism, sexism, and greed. Capitalism is based on the myth of scarcity and pits humans against each other. However, if we don't heal our hurts, anything that we build to replace it may be just as corrupt. Our suffering may cause us to be further enslaved as we do the work for the oppressive system. If we are busy fighting with each other then we are likely to be too distracted to build the type of world in which we want to live in. We spend an insurmountable amount of time focused on illusions (TV, material gain, etc.) while stuck in our pain. But if we spent that same amount of time engaging in healing practices, we will see a floodgate of blessings open up in our lives that we didn't previously conceive of. Immense knowledge and generosity pour through the pages of Ghetto Sutras. Ghetto Sutras empowers the reader with such precious jewels that when utilized, can take the reader towards personal liberation and freedom.

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