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Become a Catalyst of Energy

Once a healer has opened his or her mind and spirit through years of practice of Qi-Gong or other energetic processes— meditation, fasting, mantras, mudras, etc.— that person becomes a catalyst and a vessel for Universal Energy to flow through them, which can allow them to effectively remove blockages of Qi in others. (These blockages of Qi often manifest as disease and malaise.) 

These healing technologies may be known by a variety of different names, including Medical Qi-Gong (healing), Reikii, Deeskha, and Energetic Yoga, just to name a few. Although each of these is somewhat different, all emanate from the same source and with the same intent. 

1) Alternative Breathing 

2) Cobra Breath 

3) 7 Step Mindfulness 

4) Clearlight Meditation 

5) Qi-Breathing 

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Energetic Healing & Mindfulness: Services
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