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Cultivate Life Force Energy

The objective of MAAHAAH-ROOH MEDICAL QI-GONG is to teach a step-by-step method of exercise to keep the body and mind in optimal fitness. 

This highly effective and easily retainable system of Qi-Gong is designed for everyone— families, working adults, students and seniors. This very low-impact form of exercise includes standing movements (Zhan Zhuang) as well as slow-motion movements similar in style to Tai Chi Chuan. 

The purpose is to detox the body’s organs of impurities and toxins, then regenerate and invigorate the body so that one feels refreshed, both physically and mentally. Individuals will enhance their fluidity of movement, coordination and balance, resulting in greater flexibility and stress reduction, through the application of deep relaxation, breathing techniques and methods of stillness. 

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