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Karate Pose

Master Non-Resistant Arts


This is a mind-body exercise of non-resistance. There are no secrets in Aiki arts; the basic principle of Aiki is non-resistance, to use the opponent’s strength against themselves. In short, the highest form of self-defense is to avoid a disagreement or fight before it happens. 

The ranking system is very streamlined. The difference between a beginner and an advanced practitioner is their proficiency. 

What you will learn includes:
1) Falls, Rolls - Forward, Back
2) 4 Direction, 8 Direction, 6 Direction
With Open-hand Bokken
3) Atemi-Jitsu - Coming Down the Mountain
4) 1st, 2nd & 3rd Control: Response All Directions One and Two-Hand exercises from Behind
5) Bokken Practice - 4, 6 & 8 directional Katas


Kung Fu in general means the mastery of an art, an accomplishment or a difficult task. In this program one will learn to develop inner strength through Qi-Gong (life force) exercises, as well as stress-reduction exercises that enhance fluidity of movement, balance and defensive methods.

Level 1 

1) 18 Hand Lohan 

2) Zu Chi Chuan - Warm-ups 

3) Zu Chi Chuan - Form 

4) Punching Drills - Sunfist, Elbows, Tiger and Spear 

5) Si Lum Tao - Form 

6) Hsing-I Animal Drills - Monkey, Snake, Horse 

7) Applications - Self-defense 

8) Mindful Meditation 

Level 2 

1) Hsing-I Animal Drills - Bear, Eagle 1-2, Chicken 

2) Basic Yang Tai Chi Chuan - Form 

3) 24 Constellations - Power Exercise 

4) Applications - Self-defense 

Level 3 

1) Hsing-I Animal Drills - Dragon, Tiger 

2) 42 Tai Chi-Chuan Form 

3) 108 Fast Set - Yang Tai Chi Chuan - Form 

4) Applications - Self- Defense 

5) Mind - Meditation 

Mind & Body Exercise: Service
Mind & Body Exercise: Video
Mind & Body Exercise: Video
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